Nursing Leadership Essay

Nursing Leadership Essay

Organizing the research starts by searching for the sources of data such as research journal articles, clinical guidelines, and books according to the research question. After identifying the sources of evidence, one should evaluate if the retrieved sources are relevant to the research topic (de Vries et al., 2020). This is a secondary source of data. It is also important to consider other data collection methods such as interviews, fieldwork, focus discussion groups, and questionnaires. This is the primary source of data. To keep the track of the identified evidence, it is important to have a system to keep notes. This can be an excel spreadsheet or a synthesis matrix. The citation manager is useful to verify the sources of the information being read (de Vries et al., 2020). More importantly, it is important to write the literature review from the retrieved sources, identify key terms, make a list of research questions, determine the main ideas, and identify connections and contradictions among the different sources being read (de Vries et al., 2020). The ideas can be organized using an outline or a chart and write down any difficult parts. At this point, a working thesis is developed and a paper is written using the evidence to support the thesis.

The keywords and subtopics are derived from the research topic. Picking the keywords and subtopics helps to narrow down the search. The focus should be on terms related to the main research topic (Snyder, 2019). The keywords can then be tested on relevant journal databases to search for evidence. This will help to retrieve information relevant to the research topic.


de Vries, B. B. P., van Smeden, M., Rosendaal, F. R., & Groenwold, R. H. (2020). , abstract, and keyword searching resulted in the poor recovery of articles in systematic reviews of epidemiologic practice. Journal of clinical epidemiology, 121, 55-61.

Snyder, H. (2019). Literature review as a research methodology: An overview and guidelines. Journal of business research, 104, 333-339.


When you delve into research you may find an exhaustive amount 犀利士
of information on your topic? How will you organize your research? What strategies or tools will you use to keep track of everything you are reading and synthesizing? Provide suggestions to your peers for focusing the searching keywords and subtopics
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